6 tips for better content design

When creating a functional and beautiful UI, even the smallest things can be important. In this article, I will show you some simple practices to use when working with UI and UX. These tips will help you improve both design and user experience

1. Do you want to communicate something in an informal way? Use lower case

Using a thick font and capital letters may seem too formal. Try lowercase letters and a thinner font. In some projects, such text may seem more approachable and informal.

2. use thickness, size, and color to indicate hierarchy

When working with text, remember that its elements don't need to shout "Here I am!!!" Instead, they need a balanced hierarchy. Subtle customization using thickness, size, and color is all you need here. This allows the user to find the information they are looking for without unnecessary confusion.

3. light text on a dark background? Bold font for better readability

When you have dark text on a light background, sometimes you can opt for a thinner font. But when it comes to the opposite situation, you need to make the font a little bolder, especially for longer copy. Try to make your writing as readable as possible so that your users' eyes don't get tired.

4. convey emotion through the font typeface

Try to choose the right font typeface for the content you present. Users are intuitive when receiving content - they can sense when it is directed to them and when it is near them. The right font typeface is the key to direct communication with the audience on an emotional level.

5. If you need to use multiple typefaces, select a maximum of 2

I tend to stick to one. However, sometimes you may need to choose more, so I recommend a maximum of 2. And not one more. Mixing typefaces together can be a challenge for someone inexperienced.

Don't add ballast to yourself and add another font just because you can. Using 2 and combining thickness, size and color can give your designs instant harmony.

6. Pauses between capital letters mean better readability

Are you dealing with a short text and all of it is written in capital letters? Then it is a good idea to increase the spacing between these letters, for better readability.

Such a thing makes the text easier to read and process because the letters are easier to distinguish. Even the smallest spacing between letters is all you need to increase readability and polish your capital letters.

I hope this short article helps you improve your designs and that they deliver better results and a better experience for your users.

Originally published on marcandrew.me on March 16, 2021

01 May 2021