- Good design is the future



I have been creating websites for 4 years. I create them currently in nuxtjs and gatsbyjs. I try my best to make each website look very good.


I have been working in graphic design for 5 years. I create in programs from Adobe. I feel best in minimalistic style.

- Be modern

I can take your buisness
to the next level

With a well-developed marketing plan and the right logo,
you can reach a much wider audience.
Let them remember you from the good side.

UX/UI design

With a well-designed website you can count on high profits and access to customers

Logo design

The logo is the most important, because it is what customers see and what they most associate with.

Social Media

A lot can be achieved with well designed social media images.

Check out my logos portfolio

- Trust

These companies trust me

Companies to which I have created a website

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